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Propaganda Show

Mar 11, 2022

Music talk. Reviewing albums on twitter and using hashtags like #mwe and #my500comicgoal to stay within a community. A little bit on my reading but we'll give that a full segment next time.

Oct 16, 2021

Long form podcast about all the new Marvel comic books coming out in December 2021. The Marvel comics mainstays are all present. Spider-man has a bew creative team as does his break out villain and current friend Venom. X-men are still doing their Krakoa stuff with Jonathan Hickman's direct influence winding down. And...

Oct 6, 2021

Another Monday Morning Check in show. All kinds of topics including covering to some extent these books:



Very active on social media. I hope to interact on these platforms: Twitter 🌍 Instagram 🌎

Sep 30, 2021

It is 9/30/2022 and it is Morning Comic Book Check in. This is a DIY morning show where I talk about birds and nature and stuff. Today was easy to plan because it was new comic book day and I had some new comic books. Some to show and some to read. A new episode of What If also dropped so that is fodder for talk right...

Sep 30, 2021

The third Monday Morning Comic Culture Check-in! Today we're talking throwing away comics, yes just throw them away and then

I'll talk about new Kickstarter comic I got. I unbox a manga hardcover. And then I give my top 3 most anticipated new comic book day comics.

Travis Gibb and his work: