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Propaganda Show

Oct 14, 2020

Issues covered in this episode:

Wolverine 6

X-Force 13

Marauders 13

A quick episode to keep pace and the first multi-issue week of X of Swords. Two major X-men characters go after their respective weapons. Wolverine searches for the famous Muramasa blade and Storm goes and steals stuff from her ex-husband the Black...

Oct 5, 2020

In episode three of the X of Swords podcast I cover part two of the Hickman led X-men event. X-Factor #4 eschews the concept of the X-Factor comic we've had for its first three issues and goes full on X of Swords Creation follow up. Topics and concepts talked about in this podcast are:

-is the method for "raising the...

Sep 26, 2020

X of Swords gets its true start with part one of twenty two chapters (who knows how interconnected they are) and the field is set for a number of Apocalypse story lines to come to a head. In this podcast rather than outright review or talk about the plot page by page I take a top down look at the art by Pepe Larraz...

Sep 19, 2020

X of Swords or Ten of Swords (it's the same thing) needs a podcast so I'll do it. It's a short commitment. Today is the intro episode, the biggest X-men event since HOX/POX starts at the end of September. On this podcast I'll be talking about the three direct Prelude/Introduction comic books that came out this week,...

Sep 14, 2020

Let's talk (almost) all the Marvel Comics Being Released in November. This is LONG form podcast where I take the solicitations from the Marvel Comics Previews catalog and use it as a springboard to talk about all sorts of crazy things comics news and comics fan related.

Very active on social media. I...