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Propaganda Show

Sep 26, 2018

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Our monthly Previews Podcast for the Indie comic books being released in November. See what's big on my list and you can tell me what I'm missing out on. 

Remember there's also Marvel Previews podcast for November already released and a DC Previews Podcast coming out soon!

We talk about the following solicits:

Bitter Root

Outer Darkness

Middlewest by Skottie Young

Wicked and Divine Kieron Gillen

Bully Wars

Cemetary Beach by Warren Ellis

East of West


Redneck by Donny Cates

Savage Dragon

Black Hammer by Jeff Lemire

Beasts of Burden

Garth Ennis

Star Wars

Star Trek

Rick and Morty vs Dungeons and Dragons


Empty Man by Cullen Bunn